Monday, August 31, 2015

I have started a Patreon

There's really no other way to say this: I need you to give me money.

People apparently like the words I write. This is great news, because that usually means people are interested in making more words happen. You can do this.

This is the url for my Patreon:

A Patreon is a place on the internet where you can go to pledge monetary support for future content someone will create. What this means is that were you to pledge one dollar, the next time I post something on Medium (not here, because this is just my blog), that dollar will become mine. As a result of this, I am driven to write even more words. Also, if the Patreon is very successful, I could buy a house and live with my boyfriend.

Let's do it, let's make the words happen. Together ♥

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